Why Does My Mattress Sag?
Well pretty much, nothing last forever, but mattress life is not what it use to be. The reason, mattress companies never liked 15 - 20 mattress life, they wanted a faster turnover for more profit. They have achieved this with tricks, like 1-sided, NO FLIP mattresses, as well as using cheaper quality padding materials, to save money.

In order to have a thick looking mattress, spring manufactures, have elongated, their springs for mattress companies, who then add more, of their cheap padding material, to get a fat look.

A lot of times, within weeks, consumers start to see body impressions and feel less support from their new mattress. When consumer question the retailer, they are told, oh, that's normal for all mattresses. Warranties state that, for sag coverage, the sag need to be more then 1-1/2" to 2" in most cases. While foam will recover most of its height, so, as not to qualify, as a warranty issue, the structural support is still not there. This causes backaches, tossing and turning as well as general pain. Then you are left with buying a new set or suffering on the set you have.

But now, you have another option. Like when your car has an issue, you don't just run out and buy a new one, same with your mattress. Now you can fix it, by adding more comfort, support and firmness. Not only will this add years to use, but save you the hassle and cost of buying a new set.