About Us  
  Over my 35 plus years in the mattress/sleep industry, I have seen a lot of changes. Unfortunately, most of the changes are about more profit for mattress companies and retailers. Higher prices and lower quality materials have been the main theme. Cheaper padding and one-sided "NO FLIP" mattresses are all designed to shortened mattress life and get you back in the market faster. In FACT, the #1 complaint in the industry is mattress SAG! .

Once the padding in your mattress starts sagging and losing its supportive properties, the backaches, tossing, turning, and general discomfort can greatly effect sleep quality.

Having that exact experience and although with plenty of connections in the industry, I could easily purchase a top quality mattress set, for a fraction of the price someone would have to pay at a retail store, I decided to find a way to improve the mattress I had. That is how the idea for my Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™ came about.

Knowing how the mattress industry has changed, how profits have taken precedence over quality, I came to the conclusion that there were many consumers who would also benefit from my Anti-Sag Lumber Supports™. So I now offer you the same product to use on your mattress.
Thanks for your interest.