Get the SAG out! 

Sagging mattress
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Sleep better by putting more firmness, more comfort, and more support back in your mattress! Stop the tossing, turning, backaches, and general discomfort. Our Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™ saves you from having to buy a new mattress while saving your back!
What our customers say:

Saved my new mattress that started sinking in the middle. Thank you!!

Chantel P, Mount Vernon, NY

Your product has been a Godsend as it immediately corrected our sagging mattress.
Michael D., Ellenwood, GA

  I like it, I can tell a difference.

Christy D., Columbus, GA
Our mattress feels great and all our sagging is gone. It was the best thing I bought.
Josephine and Danny S., Sarasota, FL
   I was really surprised that something actually worked as advertised. No more sag! Thank you for your product! 

Shari C., Muskogee, OK

Pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the pad  it works - a good thing. 

Neal W., Houston, TX

  5 stars for your website, you really deserve it. No more lumbar back pain. God bless you.

Gabriela & Mike C. , Tobyhanna, PA
I sleep so much better, no lie, I'm resting better and I didn't really understand how bad my sleep had become.
Your products work. Period.

Wayne F. , Murfreesboro, TN
Before Weight in Anti-Sag Lumbar Support After
Sag before Anti-Sag Lumbar Support™ High density and Extra Firm for more support! After Anti-Sag Lumbar Support™
Easy to use: Simply place between your mattress and foundation (box spring), and you'll immediately feel the difference!
All mattress sag situations are unique. Our Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™ offer the MOST options to solve your individual needs.
Click here to see additional applications options.
Start by removing your mattress. Mattresses can be heavy and you may need some help to lift it. With a single Anti-Sag Lumbar Support™, place in the center 1/3 of your foundation (box spring), running side to side. For even more firmness, support, and comfort use 2 Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™ placing on each side of your foundation (box spring) running head to foot.
Now reposition your mattress on your foundation (box spring) and start enjoying a firmer, more supportive, and comfortable sleep!
Each Anti-Sag Lumbar Support™ is 1-1/2" thick and approximately 26" wide by 55" long. Fits ALL mattress sizes and types.
Please Note the color may vary depending on supplier.
$29.99 for 1
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$54.99 for 2
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Our Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™ offer the Best Quality and the Best Price for the Best Value!
  1 - We use the highest density HD polyurethane foam (2.3# density) of any product on the market.   
  2 - Ours is an Extra-Firm (50# ILD) solid support with NO GAPS!  
  3 -  Proudly 100% made in the US and naturally non-skid.  
  4 -  We sell Direct to YOU, NO commission cost for 3rd party sellers like: Wal-Mart, Bed, Bath, &  Beyond, Amazon, and others.  
  5 -  Best value with NO extra bells and whistles cost!  
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