Don't let a
keep you from a good nights sleep!
Mattress sag can cause backaches, tossing & turning, stiffness and general discomfort, robbing you of quality sleep!
New mattresses are expensive, but I FIX your sagging mattress, so you sleep better and save $100's over buying a new set.
Over my 40+ years in the mattress/sleep industry, a lot has changed. Unfortunately, most of those changes have been for the benefit of the mattress companies and the stores that sell them. One sided mattresses, as well as low quality padding material that factories use, are shortening the life of mattresses, so you have to buy them more often. While quality has dropped, the prices have risen. That's the reason I came up with my Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports. Now, you can FIX the sag & add years of useful life to the mattress you have now. My Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports will add more firmness, more support & more comfort so YOU sleep better!
Produced with high quality material for long life & made 100% in the US.
Easy to use, by simply placing between your mattress & foundation. You will immediately feel the difference!
Go from SAG with NO support to... NO SAG, added support & firmness!
Remove your mattress and place my Anti-Sag Lumbar Support on your foundation, in the lumbar area, running side to side. Than, reposition your mattress on the foundation. Mattresses can be heavy & you may need help moving it. For even more support or in situation with extreme sagging, consider using 2 supports and running head to foot, on each side where you lay!
Here Is What A Few My Customers Say!
Saved my new mattress that started sinking in the middle, Thank you! - Chantel P. , Mount Vernon, NY Your product has been a Godsend, as it immediately corrected our sagging mattress.  Michael D. - Ellenwood , GA
I like it, I can tell a difference!  Christy  D. - Columbus, GA Our mattress feels great and all our sagging is gone. It is the best thing I have bought!  Josephine S. - Sarasota, FL
I was really surprised that something actually worked as advertised. No more sag! Thank you for your product!  Shari C. Muskogee, OK Pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of the pad, it works - a good thing.  Neal W.  Houston, TX
5 stars for your website, you really deserve it. No more back pain. God bless you.  Gabriela & Mike C.  Tobyhanna, PA I sleep so much better, no lie. I'm resting so much better and didn't really understand how bad my sleep had become. Your product works. Period.  Wayne F. - Murfreesboro, TN
Each Anti-Sag Lumbar Support™ is 1-1/2" thick and approximately 26" wide by 55" long.
Fits ALL mattress sizes and types.  
Please Note the color may vary, depending on supplier.
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Available only in the lower 48 states & DC.
NC residents will have sales tax added.
Questions, call me 704-779-7828
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Risk Free 30 Night Test Rest!
I know from my own experience, as well as what customers tell me, you are going to love the new support, firmness & comfort from your mattress with my Anti-Sag Lumbar Supports™, that if after 30 nights, you are not sleeping better, simply return the undamaged product for a FULL refund of your purchase price, excluding S&H.
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